Using trigger to change character's description

Started by lechaz, June 13, 2014, 12:52:11 PM

I read that Armageddon doesn't have a feature to "remember" a character's name. One should use triggers in its own client instead.

I'm using KildClient but the user's guide doesn't explain how to make a trigger in this purpose. I tried to figure out how it works, but I can't find. Could anybody help me?

I've never used Kildclient before. But I found a page that might be salient.

Quoteple 8-9. A profanity filter using a rewriter trigger

Pattern: fuck

Action: /$colorline =~ s/fuck/f***/

Rewriter trigger: Checked

Note that the line is not printed. Rewriter triggers generally need not print anything, because if no other trigger matches the line, it will be printed (with the changed contents). If another trigger matches, let this trigger decide what to do.

Now everything should work: when any line with the f-word is seen, this word is filtered out and the line is changed. If this was a channel message, the channel-capture trigger will see the line with the offensive word filtered and display the message in your special way without the bad word.

So apparently, you click the "add" button, to make a new trigger. Then, do this:

Pattern: the tall, muscular man

Action: /$colorline =~ s/the tall, muscular man/the tall, muscular man named Amos/

Rewriter trigger: Checked

So make sure the checkbox for a "rewriter" trigger is checked, and follow the syntax above, and you might be able to change "the tall, muscular man" to the text in the slashes there which includes "named Amos."

I have no idea if this will work because I've never used this client, I am just guessing based on a random helpfile I found. Good luck, let us know if you figure it out.
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