Apartment reopened - North and East of Red's Retreat

Started by Adhira, June 07, 2014, 04:09:10 PM

The long awaited revamp of the apartment building by the Red's Retreat is now complete.  A big thanks to Cerys for doing all the work on this project.

IC announcement:

After over a year of extensive renovations, House Nenyuk announces
that the apartment building by the Red's Retreat has been reopened.  The
black and white clad Nenyuki pages that circulate throughout the city's
popular drinking spots declare that the building, with its spacious, quiet
apartments, tight security, and communal courtyard with firepit, is open
only to those individuals fortunate enough to be employed by the Nobility or
the Templarate of Allanak.  They encourage and welcome eligible tenants to
rent at Nenyuk's newest building, found just outside the Red's Retreat in
the Commoner's Quarter. 
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