Allanak directions command

Started by Zoan, May 13, 2014, 07:40:50 PM

Hi team,

1. Are you aware that the DIRECTIONS command for proper Highlord-fearing citizens of His Shadow currently leads you outside to meander about the outer circle if you want to go to the other side of the city?

    1a. If you do know, is this deliberate or simply a quirk of the code?

        1aa. If deliberate, why?

        1ab. If a quick, will it be fixed?

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1.  Yes.

1a.  Both.  It uses a command that gives you the shortest path to an area.  Codedly, if you want to travel from outside of the Gaj to the Merchant's Gate, well...the shortest distance is to actually go around the city itself, because going through it would be a lot farther (and take a lot longer).  ICly it also can make some amount of sense (use the bypass to go around the city to avoid traffic), but it can also make for danger

1ab.  It would require creating a new command or creating conditions on it that don't exist yet.  You have a map helpfile; between that, the directions command, and other stuff, you'll probably be okay.
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