starting out and getting lost

Started by Morph, May 13, 2014, 06:29:04 PM


I started the game recently and I truly had a blast with character creation and my first few interactions with other players. But now that i actually want to get some stuff done, i feel kinda lost.. Literaly!
To give an example, my starting city is Tuluk, and I descided i needed some arrows before i'd leave the city and go to the scrub plains. I have tried to use the maps on the website for navigation, but that just does not seem to work out for me since i constantly get lost and if I do reach my destination, they ofcourse do not sell arrows.

Any newbie advice on finding your way around and stuff? :)


I'd say your best bet is to inquire with other player characters in the game. I usually hate to say 'find out IC', but it really is the best way to proceed in this instance. They'll show you the cheap places to shop, perhaps sell to you themselves, perhaps give guidance about where and where not to hunt, and so on.

As another tip - as a new character, your 'archery' skill is pretty shockingly rubbish, frankly. You won't recoup your expenses from lost arrows. Fortunately, slings are governed by that too, and stones are free if you just want to forage them.

Directions command will help you with common places people need to find:

Maps will help you too:

Though it should be noted the Tuluki map is going to change in the near future.

As for archery. You'll quickly find arrows are too expensive to hunt with the skill unless you're already very good. Thus I suggest joining a merchant house who can supply you.

I strongly suggest working with a sling shot. As mentioned stones are FREE, with the only cost being time to forage for them. Arrows from shops are usually quite expensive.

Other thing you can do is join any clan really. Most clans have someone who can make arrows or already have a good stock of arrows.
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I also strongly suggest dropping yourself into the helper chat.  Helpers are going to be able to provide real-time assistance if you're really stuck.
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Helpers are awesome and really help out quite a bit.

Welcome to Arm!
I am unable to respond to PMs sent on the GDB. If you want to send me something, please send it to my email.