So i started... now what?

Started by Bwup, May 13, 2014, 04:59:31 PM

I have recently started my first character as a merchant and have no idea what to do?
I suppose being a merchant i should be trading but to whom and how and when and why????

I'd say straight up join a clan if you're just starting and haven't any idea what to do. They'll put you through paces on what makes what as well as a whole host of other things, provide RP's and other PC's to interact with. There is a learning curve at first (I think my first PC lived maybe a few hours before dying in a way that makes me face palm to think of now) but it tapers off once you get over the initial rough patches and only seems to get easier from there.

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For a first character, especially if it is Guild Merchant, I would heartily recommend joining one of the Great Merchant Houses (Kadius, Salarr or Kurac - go for whichever you can find active PCs around for in your timezone). You can get all the guidance you need from characters there, otherwise it's quite easy to go wrong with a merchant as a new player.

One thing I will note is that the guilds are only guidelines - skillsets for which to build your character around. Your guild_merchant character does not necessarily have to be a merchant, and you may find your starting skills are suited to a variety of roles (technically, you don't even need skills for certain roles either).

If you are interested in trading, you can try to join a Great Merchant House. Houses Kadius, Salarr, and Kurac are in the business of making and selling different goods. A variety of clans tend to need crafters, which guild_merchants are strong at, but Great Merchant Houses specialize in it particularly.

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I agree with joining a clan. You can do that by just sticking around taverns and asking people what sort of work there is around. Be prepared to answer question about what you character does, his past, his skillset so they know what to do with you. However if you can't find a clan, just try to make some friends.

It's nice if your first character is portrayed as a bit dumb, just so they can be learning along with you, instead of constantly having to make excuses as to why you don't know something.

As for being a merchant, they're a very social sort of class/role. Making friends and finding ways to be useful to those friends is very important. I wouldn't worry about your crafting skills until you've got a steady source of materials to work from, usually which comes from a clan or hunters/grebbers if you've got the coin.

Most of all do what your character would do.

So how would i locate a merchant house?

Stick around a Tavern. Here in a few hour's it'll fill up as people start getting of work and start logging in. Peak time is around 6-8 Eastern/Server time.

Just start asking those people about possible jobs. Don't be shy it's REALLY common for people to ask. Tell them you dabble in crafting, or that your parents were salt merchants or whatever you want to have in your background that explains your profession.

Also in tavens, do look board and then read board # of the notice that you want to read.
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also how  can you check what is inside of your backpack?

look in pack or l in pack

Make sure it's open.  open pack if not
i love being a nobles health points

Assuming you have put anything in the backpack in the first place.  The other place you keep things is your inventory (type 'inv' or 'i')
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'examine' also shows the contents of a container, as well as the desc.
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We're all still here to answer any questions that come up.
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Can you label People with names?

Quote from: Bwup on May 17, 2014, 03:15:15 PM
Can you label People with names?

With your mud client, you can.

Quote from: Bwup on May 17, 2014, 03:15:15 PM
Can you label People with names?

No, the nature of the game doesn't really provide for a coded greeting/introduction/name system. A few reasons:

1. If there are two tall, dark men in the room, how does the code know which one is Amos and which one is Malik?
2. You could always make an alias for it in your game client, but see #1 and #3 first.
3. If Malik is the tall dark man, and he puts his hood up right in front of you, why would the code not allow you to recognize him anymore?
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what client are you using? would be happy to look into specific instructions for labeling folks with names for you if I'm able.
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