Changes to the Legions, and introducing the tribal levies

Started by Nyr, March 18, 2014, 10:04:30 PM

These two projects have dovetailed together nicely for the past few months, and now we're ready to put them in game.  The docs for the Legions are live now for Legionnaires, and the tribal levies will be showing up as an IC thing within 1-2 weeks.  Since both roles will be playable in-game and involve changes for the Tuluki playerbase, they are being listed here for informational purposes.

Legions Changes

  • Absolute cap imposed:  no nonhumans above Private rank.
  • Recruit training period:  2 IC months or 4 RL weeks (reduced by 1 month--or 2 weeks--for the most part).
  • Templarate and Lyksae removed from rank structure of the Legions.
  • PC unit planned to be more autonomous.
  • Lifeswearing changed in concept allowing for eventual "retirement" (not storage) from the Legion after extended period of service.
  • Introduction of a contractual option for the rank of Private (allowing the option of doing a "stint" in the Legions).
  • Introduction of additional rank categories for Privates, Corporals, and Sergeants, each with perks.

The Tribal Levies

The tribal levies are a call back to the early years of the city-state, when Muk Utep brought the various tribes together under his leadership.  Those in the tribal levies are called "tribal" because of the tattoo that marks them (a mark that hearkens back to one of the earliest tribes that the Sun King conquered), and "levies" because of the service expected out of them.  Tribal levies shall be given food and water and a place to sleep.  The tribal levies are not given any official training, uniforms, or official responsibilities and authority.  For the most part, these levies are expected to do one thing, and one thing only:

Respond to the call to service.

They are the irregulars of the Sun King's might, meant to swell the numbers of the city-state when and if times call for it, and times do call for it.

This role is seen as patriotic by Tulukis.  Those that are part of the tribal levies are afforded a few minor perks around the city-state.  Perhaps a special table might be reserved for their use at some taverns.  If picked up for a minor crime, they might get special treatment.  The levies might attract a few different kinds of people.  For instance, the Legion would never bring on an elf, but it is possible that an elven tribal levy would be useful in some capacity.  Someone that has no where else to go that has perhaps burned bridges in every other corner might find that the levies are a good option, if only to stave off starvation and death by dehydration.  Still others might be well-off enough on their own, interested in a taste of adventure as well as the increase in social status the role might give them.  Other organizations (with enough resources) might choose to (or be pressured into choosing to) volunteer donation of physical goods or coin rather than physical service to the levies in expression of what is known as the levy tax.

Training of the tribal levies is administrated by the Legions and occasionally by retired members of the Legions.

Questions, comments, and other discussion about these changes goes in this thread.

Special thanks goes to Rathustra for the concept as well as plenty of support work on the levies.  Thanks also to other staff members that have contributed with plenty of feedback, ideas, and assistance for implementation!
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