Font size

Started by Daar, February 18, 2014, 12:29:23 PM

Im using a desktop resolution of 1920 x1080, so my Mushclient fonts are really tiny.
I changed the font size. But thats only possible if i change the font-type too!
That wouldnt be a problem, if it didnt mess up the look of the game.
Well. Its only messing up the Mantis at the login screen and im not sure if its messing up something else too, since im a noob and havent yet seen much of Zalanthas.
So shall i change it ? Cuz im having hard times reading the text. :(

It'll mess up the ASCII maps in the helpfiles, but beyond that, you'll be fine.

Arial 12pt for life.

Any font with "monospace" in the name should work similarly to the basic "courier" font of a typical mud client. "monospace" means every letter has the same standard width, and so ascii art like the beloved mantis will show properly.
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I like my font big and visible too! Some fonts at some sizes get cut off. You may need to play with fonts till you find one that does the trick. You may need a smaller font for local echo.
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