Tektolnes vs Muk Utep

Started by Bushranger, February 18, 2014, 04:34:21 AM

If Tektolnes faced off against Muk Utep in their own Epic Rap Battles of History what would their lyrics be?
Quote from: MorgenesYa..what Bushranger said...that's the ticket.

Sure, I'll go a round.

Corruption and betrayal in the city of 'Nak,
I'll treacherously slay all of the folks that talk smack.
Disappearing's not my style--I like to sip from a flagon,
then I'll swoop over cities in the form of a dragon.
Just a junior to one, but a senior to you,
I was controlling a kingdom before you could poo.
Ever heard of Ironsword?  Maybe Luir or Steinal?
That's how I treat my foes; you're the next to fall!
Quote from: LauraMars on December 15, 2016, 08:17:36 PMPaint on a mustache and be a dude for a day. Stuff some melons down my shirt, cinch up a corset and pass as a girl.

With appropriate roleplay of course.

Muk Utep, in the style of Busta Rhymes

Yaww yawww yawww yaw yaw
I reinvent my history take away all your misery
Replace it with lobotomies adding insult to injuries
Make you wanna piece of me like a Silt Horror in the sea,
Got tentacles sprouting from my eyes oh wait those are laser beams
Flipmode all your magick with powers of the mind
Make you take a deep down look inside
Gonna bust some heads on the way to the top
Pyramid of skulls I ain't ever gonna stop
So boss they should call me Muk Senior
Saved a place at my feet for Tektolnes' Weiner.

*throws down the microphone*
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