What Is Required?

Started by Yummri, February 15, 2014, 02:14:32 AM

Okay, so I think I have a really good idea for a new guild. One that could really add something new and a lot of rp to the entire world as it is.

What would I have to do/come up with/consider and create, to make staff really consider it as been worthwhile to code and implement and to make that process as smooth as possible? Because I know no one is getting paid and you are all utting your free time into it.

But I really do think this could be great. Providing its doable I mean.

If you mean a coded guild, you can idea it in-game, but we're not really in the practice of adding guilds to the game.

If you mean an organization in-game (sounds more like that), I'm not sure.  Maybe put in a request and offer a summary.  We also don't typically add organizations/etc to the game based on player submissions, so I would not get your hopes up.
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