'Plan' or 'goal' command

Started by yoink, January 30, 2014, 07:38:17 AM

Hi, I'm sure I've read mention somewhere on the forum of a command to set a long and short-term plan/goal for your character.
Am I mistaken? If not, what is the syntax? I haven't been able to figure it out, or find any helpfiles on it.
If there isn't such a command, well... guess I was just confused.  :P

welcome to the game, the command is:

change objective

You have maybe 60 characters to type into, so you can type:

change objective Get some Jallal fruits for Lord Derpshire by next week.

Doing this will save your character, and you can view your current objective at any time by typing 'score'.
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Herp derp, it was there in score all along, somehow I missed it.  ::)

No problem. Change objective is, by far, one of my favorite commands in this game.

A cool added feature... I think staff have a way of viewing the current objectives of every currently-online PC. They can type 'who' and see what every PC is working on... that's why I like having something updated in there.

Anyway, post on this board as much as you want in the future, because there's a whole lotta people who wanna help!
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