Skillls A Guild Doesn't Have

Started by Yummri, January 20, 2014, 02:09:27 PM

Is it possible to get skills not available to a guild's set through years of practice and training in such things. Say as a Soldier your guild doesn't allow for rescue or guard but in your profession you learn how and train it frequently.

Would providing logs of this kind of things with good reason be doable through a special app or is this something generally not possible? Iam just curious and I certainly don't think it should allow progress to anywhere close to mastery of it if it is But it is something that could make sense in some cases.


This usually requires a great time investment in a character before staff will consider it; there is no guarantee this will be granted, but the more long-lived a character is, the more likely it is that such a request would be considered positively.  The majority of the time, such a change is actually something that requires a decrease in another skill as well.
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