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Started by negativespace, January 12, 2014, 06:43:41 PM

I have OOC embarrassingly forgot the name of someone important who talked to me today. It doesn't seem very in character to have forgotten it.. So, is it okay to ask for a name again OOC? Total brainfart. Didn't keep a log too, d'oh!

I'm sure an ooc of that nature wouldn't be a problem. But it also doesn't hurt to just have your character forget and get a role-playing scene out of that. I'm sure your character won't be flogged.

Write it down from now on in notepad and if you forget it's always there for you.

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I usually keep a gedit document open while I'm playing. This way I can note names of other players and at least their sdesc as well as other important information for my character. This would help you from forgetting names. So this is my recommendation in the future. As far as current circumstances go with the character your character met. I would ask them again in character. You could make up some sort of relative excuse as to why you don't remember their name. I was sick, or krath struck, or under the influence of spice or booze. Usually people don't mind people forgetting their names as long as you don't make a habit of it.
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I seriously have a notepad open with everyone I meet in three categories. Must remember, might remember, don't give a fuck if remembered.
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I think forgetting names is totally IC in most situations.  So I wouldn't worry about having to ask for it again in an IC fashion.

Or just start calling them by a name you made up on the spot.  They'll probably correct you  ;)
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Mudlet has a notepad built-in.  But you should be roleplaying that more than trying to have written down.
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Bah, let your PC forget...mine always do.

More fun and realistic.
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You could call them just by their title. Or some generic title.
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Or play the 'goad them or the people around them into revealing their name while not showing that you forgot' game. It's a favorite of mine.

Or give them a nickname. Call someone that has red hair Red... Or someone that is short, shorty. Or something like that. Have fun with it.
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I forget names all the time and I just apologetically ask them to remind me. Or unapologetically ask them. Or I just don't ask at all.
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Unless I'm playing someone neurotically obsessed with knowing everyone's name (aide, spy, maybe a merchant) I just let my characters forget if I don't remember.

Sometimes I even "forget" names on purpose. If my noble remembered your name it meant you'd actually made an impression on her. And with my templar, there were people who's name I forgot, so I just made a nickname up for them and told them that was their new name from now on.

I wouldn't want to see an OOC asking for name reminders like this in game, but then I don't like the ooc command much anyway.