Weather effcting movement?

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Pretty sure fighting in a blinding ass storm where you CAN'T SEE is the equivalent to fighting in the dark, so, -yeah-. I would not want to fight a beetle in the dark OR in a storm.
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Alrighty, another one for you guys.

How strong are the winds in a Zalanthan sandstorm by category? (How many mph does the wind blow when a sandstorm of the magnitudes listed below is present?)
Pretty strong winds, though strong winds don't necessarily mean there is a sandstorm.  Take that how you will.

Stinging Sands
Terrible Biting

We won't be giving out actual numbers (nor have we ever.)  Use a good guess about those to get an idea. 
The more terrible it sounds, the more terrible it likely is.

Also, would a Zalanthan sandstorm have the ability to rend the flesh from one's bones?

When I hear that, the scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark comes to mind--you know, the guy with his face melting off.
Sand is an irritant to skin.  Sand traveling at high speeds can irritate skin more than sand that isn't traveling at high speeds. 
Sure, it could damage eyes, sensitive skin (perhaps abrasions).
Primary components of a sandstorm:  wind, dust/sand.
Secondary dangers:  things that wind can carry (like pieces of wood, bone--people, perhaps, at high wind speeds), blinding effect of no visibility from sand obscuring light, lung damage from high dust intake (which can be protected against to some extent), damage to arable land, etc.
The causes of death and injury from sandstorms appear to be more from secondary complications.
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Wait. There's stinging sands, terrible biting, blinding, and then TREMENDOUS OMFG I CAN'T SEEEEEEE
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I could give a shit about wholesome.


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