Do other people use triggers to..

Started by redkank, December 28, 2013, 03:09:53 PM

Put the first name in front of the person?

(Buddy) the crazy, blue-skinned man is standing here.

Way too complicated. I just write peoples name and sdesc down in notepad.

This comes up occasionally and there are usually some who do this and others who do not. There isn't any rule against it as it's just another memory aid instead of compiling a list of short descriptions and names on Notepad (or on a notepad). I tend to prefer keeping a list of contacts with their short descriptions and names in a separate window of only the people my character is trying to remember.

Also keep in mind that short descriptions are not always unique so you could end up with (Bobo) the tall, muscular human and (Bobo) the tall, muscular human in the same room even though one of them is named Dave. You also need to take into account that some clothing (notably templar robes) alter a person's short description so that while (Andy) the ugly, fat templar is the person standing before you the ugly, fat human sending you psionic messages is also (Andy) the templar.

Quote from: MorgenesYa..what Bushranger said...that's the ticket.

I use Mushclient and just set it so that the sdescs and names (if it should come up) of any character significant to mine comes up, it's highlighted. This especially helps to see them during walls of text.

If somebody offered a Mushclient plugin for this, I'd probably use it.

But even if I had such a trigger running, I'd still be writing down everything in notepad for use offline and when they aren't present in the room.

So yeah, too much work for too little gain for me to write such a trigger myself.

I made triggers for colors, not for peoples name, but stuff like "telepathic", so when someone is like, talking IN YOUR HEAD you don't miss it. And for "gives you" so when someone hands you something you don't miss it. And YOU, so... If something is happening to you, you don't miss it. Also "say, says, ect". Also, languages. So when someone changes languages on you and you already know the language... You don't think they're still speaking the other language. That one is really useful.

Aaaaand, after I typed all this up I remembered that this was about putting the PCs name triggered by their sdesc. I personally don't do it, as it gets a bit hard to read. I either remember them or I don't. Some of the more important people I saved notes on in a notepad/word file though.

I just type doing names and sdesc and a few other identifying characteristics in gedit and call it a day.
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I just forget people's names a whole lot, until they happen to tell me enough times for me to remember!