Question about latest change

Started by Yummri, December 24, 2013, 12:53:43 PM

Sorry, but I feel I was going unanswered within the heat of the... discussion... on the other thread.
I said before that I agree with the change. But in the mind set of torture. Could someone please explain to me the limitations of sexual torture.?
It isn't very clear and I would hate for either myself or other people to get into trouble for a misunderstanding that could be avoided.

Maybe just what you'd consid4r this to be or some guidelines to take into consideration should this happen? Then everyone knows.

I think it's safe to wish up and ask for clarification based on the scene. Torturing someone /= rape. Actually, castrating someone does not = rape. Jamming an object up someone's butt...Well. That seems like sexual torture!

We will not likely draw up black and white guidelines to this -- We will keep it gray purposefully so that it is situational. It is pretty common sense as to what 'rape' and 'sexual torture' entails though. We are looking at the extremes.
ArmageddonMUD Staff