Plotlines of rape no longer allowed in game

Started by Adhira, December 23, 2013, 10:56:27 PM


After much staff discussion we have decided to ban rape and sexual torture plotlines from the game.

While we regret having to outright ban an avenue of play from the game this topic continues to create a large workload for staff, as well as being a controversial point for players and staff alike. To that end we have instituted a wholesale ban on storylines of this nature and will appreciate the playerbase's help in adjusting their RP if necessary. 

The ban is considered in effect as of today.

The helpfiles have been adjusted as appropriate.

Help Consent:
QuoteRape/Sexual Torture plotlines are not to be played out in the game. You may choose to place such a storyline as background to your pc at creation, however, this cannot be played out in the actual game world. This extends to accusations of rape, as well -- You may not accuse another PC of raping your PC or another PC (or NPC/VNPC for that matter). If you do so, your character will be stored and a discussion will be opened via the request tool as to further action. You may not ask for consent to rape another PC, as these plot lines cannot be pursued in ArmageddonMUD.
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Revision of the rules around rape are now live in 'help consent' and 'help rape'

Armageddon Staff

Happily, this doesn't come up often but I would like to make a blanket post to remind everyone as to the rules regarding rape and sexual torture roleplay.  This is not allowed in any form including accusations of rape.

Please see 'help rules', 'help consent' and/or 'help rape' with any questions.