Started by Elocin, December 21, 2013, 12:18:51 PM

In the help file, it says you pay a fraction of the rent if you pay early. I don't recall to have ever been discounted for any of the times I have. Is there a certain point at which it happens or does it just not?

A rental period is 125 days and 300 days is the most you can pay for up front.  If you pay rent twice when you get your apartment, which brings you to 250 days paid, then when you make a third payment it will be less, because you're only paying for 50 days at that point.

Since you pay in 125 day blocks, it isn't really 'paying less for paying early', but once you have less than 125 days left in your maximum allowed rental period, then your payment will be less.

Oh, thanks a lot for clarifying! I thought I was getting ripped off :D