A Helpfile Suggestion

Started by Yummri, December 20, 2013, 01:56:41 PM

I have a suggestion for a possible helpfile addition. I was just wondering where I should put these from now on. IE under code discussion or under what part of the request tool if here is inappropriate.

The change I'd like to suggest is to help encumbrance. Right now it reads like this.

Encumbrance                                                           (Items)

   There is a limit to what anyone can carry, and the more heavily loaded
one is, the harder it will be to move around and fight. Some basic rules are:

1. Obsidian and metal (which is _extremely_ rare) objects weigh a lot,
    relatively speaking. If you plan on travelling very much, leave your
    obsidian breastplate at home.

2. Don't carry too much water. Hauling around barrels of water can be
    excellent as far as your water supplies, but very tiring.

3. If you start carrying more than about half of your total capacity, your
    character's stamina and combat abilities will start to drop _very_
    fast, so try not to carry more than necessary.

4. Items tend to 'weigh' significantly less if they are carried in a pack
    worn on your character's body, as opposed to in a pack held in your
    inventory, or in your inventory itself.

See also:

I would suggest adding a list of encumbrance levels starting from lightest to heaviest and maybe indicate at what level you might get problems? If not the indication at least a clear view on the level system. We have this for attributes and skills. And it would be useful information to help people manage this, especially new players.

You can use the idea command in-game for stuff like this.  It is a suggestion you have (an idea) and it is low priority, so it would be perfect for that medium.

idea I would like to see the encumbrance levels listed in the encumbrance helpfile

That'd do it!
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