Submtting new application issue

Started by colig, December 19, 2013, 10:05:53 AM

Hi there,

I made a new account and wrote up an application for a new character. When it came time to review it, I wanted to rewrite my objective, then I changed my mind and pressed return to abort the change. Then the prompt changes to:

QuoteChoose thy fate:

and I find I'm back at the start where the game is asking me if I want to disconnect, toggle brief, read menu options, etc, which I don't understand why because I haven't actually indicated I wanted to submit yet. I looked around for an answer and then got disconnected because I was idle too long. I logged back in and I can't find any trace of my character... but at least I saved the long desc and background in a text editor.

What should I do now? Do I resubmit or has it already gone through?

PS: I really like small races. I also really like thieves. I think I can make a dwarf pickpocket work, with enough effort and forethought.

Hey there,

   We need your account name in order to look more carefully into this.  Please submit a 'Game Related: Question' request that tells us your account and character name and we can look and see what happened.  Depending on what you get when you reconnect, you may have to start over on the character.


Armageddon Staff