Started by quorcore, December 17, 2013, 10:01:06 AM

hello everyone. I'm a new player, and I love it! This mud is very intense, and realistic as all heck! I really look forwards to roleplaying with you all.

Welcome to ArmMUD!  Glad that you are enjoying yourself!  Now, can I haz your boots?
i love being a nobles health points

Hands off, my boots!

emote offers newer, shinier boots to ~newbie, with a sinister grin.
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Dead elves can ride wheeled ladders just fine.
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"You can never have your mountainhome because you can't grow a beard."
~Tektolnes to Thrain Ironsword

Clearly you have good taste then. You can stay. Welcome to Armageddon.
Varak:You tell the mangy, pointy-eared gortok, in sirihish: "What, girl? You say the sorceror-king has fallen down the well?"
Ghardoan:A pitiful voice rises from the well below, "I've fallen and I can't get up..."

Welcome new player, it is good to feel your enthusiasm, Remember don't trust those others, but if you need a friend I am honorable and reliable. Just ask around no one living that knows me will tell you different, if they do then just point them out to me so I can correct them. If you need a guide or guidance or some spare sid come meet me at my hang out, its on a shaded corner, you'll know the one, its where the soldiers won't bother us while we palaver. Don't worry about shiny boots, or new gear, just come with what you've got and if you have any sid from your previous work, well, I can get you the best deal on anything, oh yea, your sid will go a lot further with me and mine.
The funny little foreign man

I often hear the jingle to -Riunite on ice- when I read the estate name Reynolte, eve though there ain't no ice in Zalanthas.

Welcome, beautiful person, to the best game in the world! I have no tact when it comes to toning it down a little in front of strangers!

Get used to this

And this

And this, depending on what you're doing

And the Tuluki version of the one above

Have fun trying out Arm!
Eat your fries with mayonnaise next time