changing of the character during play?

Started by Hauwke, December 12, 2013, 07:48:39 AM

Ok so i have noticed that with my more burly PC's that i wind up bm... usually ... beginning with an average ish amount of stamina but. a couple hours in i have gained a few points i once had it happen with hp as well so i just wanna know whats going on with it im not complaining but you know im a little confused thats all

Your amount of stamina can be pretty easily affected by things other than your original starting roll, and your amount of HP can change as well.  Aging comes to mind, but there are other reasons too.
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Certain clothing can boost (or reduce) your stamina points.
Being overburdened with weight can reduce your stamina points.
Being hungry/thirsty can reduce your HPs, stamina, and stun.
Using the Way can reduce your stun points.
Different spices can boost or reduce stun, stamina, and HPs.
Too much booze can reduce stun, and falling when you're drunk can reduce stamina (and hps if you fall off of something, heh).

Resting can restore up to a certain amount of hps, stamina, and stun points, however if they go too low below that point (it's a coded formula, I don't know what that formula is and it wouldn't be appropriate to post it here even if I did), then sleeping (which you can explain by roleplaying that your injury/stress has knocked you unconscious) might be the only way to get it back up.

Being krath-sick can reduce hps, stamina, and stun; getting in out of the sun, sitting, and drinking water can restore. If it's bad enough, sleeping might be necessary.

Lots and lots of variables that can change your stun/stamina/hps. The most common for stamina though is being at "very heavy" or worse with encumbrance, and forgetting to reset your pace to "walk" after fleeing something/someone.
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Checking your score (type "score") will confirm all the things lizzie says above, and typing status will check current encumbrance. Also look into "help prompt" for info on monitoring these things more closely.
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Yeah thanks fellas i know about half of those things like the equipment and prompt and status ones but some of that was really helpful thank you