How dangerous is the 'rinth?

Started by Hauwke, December 04, 2013, 01:02:51 AM

Ok so i have heard that the rinth is dangerous ... the question is how dangerous.
i mean are there npc's to fight or are the rp styles going to just whip. you instead of a npc or what?

Very dangerous. There are NPC's. There are PC's. Both are very dangerous.

NPC's are generally dangerous if you have anything one might deem valuable on you, or if you're in a place you should not be. PC's are dangerous for all sorts of reasons.

The NPCs aren't there to fight for the lulz. But yeah basically it it a place with no law but street law.

Really dangerous, especially if you aren't a local.

If you are a local, dress like a local, and don't attract aggression , it's possible to survive quite nicely. Search the GBD for  'rinth and Labyrinth. There are, or were, some good posts on surviving as a 'rinth rat.

And if a large, growling animal challenges you to izdari...

Let the wookie win.
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I'd relate my personal experience, but it's too soon. Suffice to say, it is very dangerous. There's a reason the Byn has a rule about not going in there.
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