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So I've been gleaning the Armageddon main site for lore background ever since getting into the game, and stumbling across the Chronology page really helped to frame a lot of the present situation in the context of the past. However, since there's a unique dating system in Zalanthas, I have no idea what parts of this actually took place while the MUD was active (ie, after it's launch in like 1991) and what parts were just made-up backstory.

For example, I would have guessed just by looking at the Chronology page that the game effectively started in Year 0, Age 2, since it's the first dated entry -- that doesn't make much sense to me though, since both Allanak and Tuluk didn't really exist as city-states as we know them until around Age 9.

Basically, is there an easy way of lining up these various Ages and Years with actual real-world years? Like, at what point in the chronology did PCs start having an influence on the world?

This might help:

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What ingame year did Armageddon become playable in?
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Stuff Tlaloc remembered

Stuff I remembered

Possibly the early 1000s.  That's my earliest guess.

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With appropriate roleplay of course.

Keep in mind that during the early years time passed differently. Even since I started back in 2001 the way time moves IG has changed. You would be surprised how much of that history actually happened IG. Back in the early days from what I've been told of players who started playing in the beginning, it was more of a Hack and Slash than RP back in the beginning so there were fewer "big events" happening.

But also what Nyr/Tlaloc said. When I started playing Tlaloc was already an imm..... Er, staff as they call them now. :-)

Thanks, all of this info is really helpful! I guess the biggest thing in reading the chronology page that made me ask is that I wanted to know if some of these characters mentioned were actually PCs, or events that were determined by PCs and their actions.

Most of the more events are largely PCs with a few animations thrown in.

I don't know about the distant past, but in recent memory the highest any PC templar has risen has been to Red robed status or Tuluk-equivalent. So for example, if a High Precentor or Black Robe (or of course Tek/Muk) is mentioned, that's probably an NPC. Most of the other named templars were PCs.
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If I remember correctly, there were 12 IG years to one IRL one before it was standardized to 8.5.
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If I remember correctly, there were 12 IG years to one IRL one before it was standardized to 8.5.

It varied because it depended on how many reboots there were and how long the game was down, but over the course of a RL year things tended to even out to about 17 IC years to 1 RL year, so IC time used to move close to twice as fast as it does now.  It's geeky, but I used to keep detailed records of RL and IC time.
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