What are the draw backs and benefits of going elf or desert elf instead of human

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Ok so mainly i have just gone a mix of all the races except elf. well the races available to me anyway.
Now the question is with the elves refusing to ride mounts, how us a guy meant to get around without stopping evwry thirty seconds to rest for an hour?

They are called city elves because they generally don't leave the city. Elves have significant drawbacks in comparison to humans- they are considered lesser citizens, they aren't often trusted much, and are often fingered for any crime that occurs. They do excel in being sneaky, and have a lot of cool RP opportunities not available to humans however. The city elf clans are very interesting, for example the Akai Sjir in the northlands.

Desert elves, on the other hand, have significant advantages over a human (and city elves) in the desert. They are adapted for desert life and they absolutely do not need mounts to get around in the wilderness. They have a more limited class selection and any desert elf role must be in one of the currently coded desert elf tribes. (Soh Lanah Kah, Sun Runners).
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If you're playing a city elf, you're going to find it much more difficult to do any sort of desert travel. The name sort of implies you should probably plan to stay in the city with your character. C-elves have great agility and wisdom and can make very shifty, shady thieves, but travel isn't really in the cards. Desert elves don't have such travel restrictions and can run for a long time before needing rest, so they don't run into the same issues. They do require karma to play, though, and due to their more wilderness-y role you probably won't meet as many PCs as you would if you played in the city.
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There are ways to get around as a city elf outdoors. It's just, not going to be easy. I'd spell it all out but I had so much fun finding out IC that I'd hate to deprive you of that.
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