What do i do with empties!!!

Started by BeyondCreation, November 21, 2013, 11:00:26 PM

I'm ending up with these empties cups glasses and bottles with nowhere to put them. I'm going to end up overencumbered if i dont learn what to do with them soon. I see people discarding shot glasses thinking that itself was a command but wasnt. I feel like littering is not an option.

syntax: junk <item> (pre-emote) [post-emote]
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Also, littering is totally an option if its IC.
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You know I think if James simply retitled his thread "Cheese" and apologized for his first post being off-topic, all problems would be solved.

Quote from: James de Monet on November 21, 2013, 11:41:37 PM
Also, littering is totally an option if its IC.

Or  smashing, if it's IC. The command is break

> drop glass stacked in a large pyramid
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drop glass ~ has been shattered into many barefoot-cutting shards.
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I could give a shit about wholesome.

How dare you litter in His City! Now, pick all that shit up, and this shit I'm carelessly tossing on the ground!

Actually, I think a bit of litter adds flavor, when you see that carelessly tossed bottle of skydraught shattered against the curb, the scenarios that come to mind of how it possibly could have resulted lead to a number of humorous possibilities, as well as adding a bit of change over time.
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I agree on the litter thought.  The cities seem to be too clean ICly (with IC objects).
i love being a nobles health points

Mostly you can blame me for it being clean ... i go around looking for anything and everything j can find and just put it in an apartment or something for use later, besides ... i use empty bottles for carrying water its cheaper to find an empty bottle and get it filled then to buy a watersskin and fill it up lol

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I agree on the litter thought.  The cities seem to be too clean ICly (with IC objects).

Hmmm I never thought of Allanak as clean... Sorry if this is to IC of a post.
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hold a bottle,

>break bottle,

and then go shiv somebody with it and have fun.
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OMG! The guy in that image looks like Kronibas!
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