Those Noble dudes riding around in their sedans

Started by John, September 02, 2003, 12:18:13 AM

This was sparked by another thread so I would thought I would ask.

The docs (clothing docs and house servant docs) hint that the obscenely rich people/nobles often use sedan chairs when outside of the outside of their Estate instead of walking with their own feet. I always thought it would be a pain to get PCs to do it, and the the sedan would always run the risk of being stolen. But a simple way to fix this would be a one room wagon that has the description of a sedan being carried and have the noble pilot it and emote some slaves moving it about. Then when the noble has to leave the wagon unattended, leave a guard to guard the wagon.

To me, this would help widen the gap between Commoners and Nobles (without people needing to bow) which would add a lot of atmosphere and it would let those prissy nobles move about without fear of a commoner touching their cloak :P Now sure, a guard riding inside the sedan wouldn't make any sense, but it would be easy enough to change their ldesc to riding outside the sedan and have people RP it out.

My question is, would the staff implement a sedan for each Noble House if people started sending in custom sedan's for the Noble Houses (have a House sigil prominantly displayed)?[/quote]