T'zai Byn Changes?

Started by , August 31, 2003, 10:56:46 PM

Quote from: "Xygax"I hope people will navigate -away- from sending their new recruits to the T'zai Byn for training (IC and OOC) for a year, to then return to the sponsoring clan... the T'zai Byn are a mercenary organization, -not- a training school...

This is a little bit confusing to me, since as far as I can remember the Byn's policy is to take on a runner for a year, and either keep them on as a Trooper, or dismiss them. An organization sending their troops to train in the Byn seems like a good deal for the Byn, since normally that runner wouldn't even be there, nor would their entry fee.

So is this an IC shift for the Byn to recruit more stable mercenaries, or is it an OOC shift to try to restore the somewhat tarnished name of the Byn?

It's been this way for a while, actually...  and if it is a shift, it is IC and OOC.  The problem is, that 300 coins doesn't really PAY for food and upkeep on a mercenary for a year, it just defrays the cost of training them.  Training a merc to be a solid fighter and a good leader for a year, and then losing him or her to some other house -isn't- a good deal for a mercenary organization that makes its money NOT off training and feeding mercenaries, but instead off of successfully completing contracts.  The Byn imms themselves may have more to add, but I figure since you're quoting me, I'd jump in.  :)

Ironically, I just sent out an email a day or so ago, about this very topic.

I think Xygax pretty much said it exactly how it is. I think people tend to loose sight of the fact that the Byn, just like Salarr, Kadius, Nenyuk, and Kurac, is a money-making organization. Thier ultimate goal, beyond anything else, is to make money. Training mercenaries and guards is not the Byn's chief source of income...and in fact it is likely they loose money on that side of the business, in hopes of using it as an investment to produce a profitable end product - good mercenaries (Troopers).

Additionally, even though sometimes Runners go out on missions, they aren't supposed to. Taking an untrained or half-trained mercenary with you on a dangerous contract is potentially dangerous for you, the trainee, and possibly the clients. The real people who should be going out on contract are the Troopers. So, ICly it doesn't make sense to send out Runners, when they should be spending thier time training - particularly if they aren't even -your- people, but people you are borrowing for a year.

For a long time now, there has been a trend in the Byn - the usual population breakdown is that there are a buttload of Runners, and only a very small handful of Sergeants and Troopers. Since the Byn makes money -solely- off of the contract work of the Troopers and Sergeants (with alittle help from a few good Runners), it isn't economical.

If you want a solid training organization, look at the Tor Academy. Thier tuition fees are much higher, I believe - This is because they only make money on training.

The Byn is not a school. They are hired killers and thugs.