Tan Muark roles available

Started by Naephet, August 31, 2003, 01:03:00 AM

I'm looking for a few players to help fill in the ranks of the Tan Muark.

The Tan Muark, or gypsies as they're more commonly known, are a tribe of humans that make their home in the deserts beyond the reach of Allanak and Tuluk.  They are best described as a tight knit family of fun-loving, hot blooded, adventurous souls.

The primary emphasis of the Tan Muark is roleplaying, which involves not only creating a multifaceted character but also playing that character in accordance with guidelines set forth for the gypsy culture, which is one of the more elaborate and storied of any clan.

A wide variety of roles are available, and I'm more than happy to discuss possible options with any interested players.  Naephet@ginka.armageddon.org  

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