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Started by Changeling, August 23, 2013, 11:00:16 PM

Hi there..  I played here for a bit a few years back (different name, I've since forgotten the account and lost the email address I had registered with), and loved it.  I've often thought of coming back, and recently decided I really miss rping, I need some stress relief, and would love to jump back into the fray.... Only life being what it is, I have very little free time and I'm often interrupted.  Is there any advice for playing on a limited time budget? Can it really be done, or is it not worth it if I don't have a ton of hours to commit?  And I have to wonder if there have been a ton of huge changes to gameplay over the last.. Oh, 4 years give or take :P

There have been a lot of changes which you can see in the in-game history and the weekly updates.

I recommend joining a clan if you have limited time. The T'zai Byn is ideal for new players as it is often the most populated clan by a wide margin with many new and veteran players. Clans also have a structure that players with limited playtimes can work into. It's a little tricky to become and stay involved with lower playtimes, but it is doable. I also recommend sending in bi-weekly reports to keep your clan staff informed since it is less likely that they will see you in game with low playtimes.

I rolled along with half to one hour most days and a couple hours on Saturday, off peak, for quite a few years.

It is easier ,if possible to be on at a consistent ooc time, and to have a character that will socialize at a pub.
Especially if you are an indie, you need to be ooc focused on what you want to achieve for the session

Some roles are easier to manage solo, like a grebber or a rinth rat.
The Byn was truly  great for relationships, not so great for missing contracts or anything outside the walls. 

As long as I played on restricted times, I lived.  Holidays, I died.

As someone with not so much experience with Arm but a lot with RPI's in general, I'd say focus on playing with people who are active around the same times as you, even if this means going down a different route to what you expected. You'll have more fun that way. Say for instance you wanted to join the Byn, but find that no Bynners are active during your playtimes, it's probably a good idea to look into other options. Having noone to play with will bore you till you store your  character.

Trying to keep consistent playtimes will help. If you can only play an hour a day, try to make it the SAME hour a day. People will know when you are around, you'll see the same people, etc etc.

And yes, some clans like the Byn are good for newbies and TEND to have larger playerbases, but like Oddbeard said... sometimes you have to just go with who is active during your times. Play it loose, be a social role. Find a noble who needs an hour-a-day aide, or a hunter who doesn't do much hunting but TALKS about it in the taverns all the time!
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Some people think with limited play time the best thing is to try to get a role that doesn't depend on other people.

I like interaction. I don't want to spend limited playtime waiting for hoping for interaction. I'd say dive in and maximize your time. Instead of playing a lot, just try for playing consistently.
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If you aim to join a clan, make sure it's a clan that has people who play around the same time of day as you. Joining a clan with restrictions on where you can go can be a pain if you're, say, the only Bynner who logs in from 2-4am.

If interruptions are likely it may be worthwhile to familiarise yourself with the newish 'quit ooc' command.
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