"Helpers" responding to Ask the Staff.

Started by Lazloth, August 30, 2003, 06:24:26 PM

Quote from: "The7DeadlyVenomz"Yes.
I thought this forum was altered so that only staff responded; it's not 'Ask the Helpers', is it?
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Taken from the Weekly Update

Quote* Ask the Staff: anyone can start a thread, only staff & Helpers can
reply. (Brixius)

This was a decision we pondered for a while, and it's not intended to suggest that the Helpers will take the place of staff answers - but that when it comes to pointing people towards helpfiles, existing docs, or old posts, that as a group, they tend to be remarkably well-informed and meticulous, and I trust them to use good judgement. One of the complaints about the forum previously was that threads would get spammy and long, and full of nonsequiters - I trust the Helpers group to have enough common sense to avoid that.

Because we trust the Helpers to represent the mud to new players by acting as helpers, and because they have specifically agreed to certain rules in doing so, it seemed like a reasonable thing to do. In an ideal world, all of the helpful people with common sense would be able to answer - lacking telepathic powers on the part of the PHP software, this seemed a reasonable solution.