Best way to get hired?

Started by Qew, July 26, 2013, 06:04:59 PM

Well, first time playing Armageddon, and a question popped into my mind; What is the best way to get hired? Sure, there are professions that don't need hiring, like thieves, but for those who picked guilds who are actually suppose to work for others, what could be considered some good ways of being noticed? In my case, I picked the assassin guild, knowing very well that I'm most likely going to get killed pretty soon, I still felt like going for it, any tips on how to find a contractor and not get arrested while doing so?

For a little combat experience I would suggest the T'Zai byn. They can be found in Tuluk and Allanak.

Go to your local tavern and check the board and see if anyone has posted announcements about recruiting. Be prepared to pay 200-300 coins to become a recruit though.
You could also shoot for the local militias, contact your local friendly templar and ask them to be recruited.

You can also ask around IG at the taverns and streets about who is hiring for House Kadius/Salarr, the Byn, etc.

Hired as an assassin? Well, you should probably be ready for disappointment. It's one of the hardest occupation to get in the game. And it's also one of the deadliest.

I'd say be careful. And get some skill under your belt before trying to take on any hits. A good way to do this is to find a mentor. Then, approaching random people probably isn't the best idea. You best bet is to make some friends, get involved with current evernts(best way is to join a clan). Because otherwise people aren't just going to trust you to "kill" people for them. Once you're involved you'll find that everyone in this game tends to make an enemy somewhere along the way. Simply let them know that you could "take care of it" for them... for the right price.

Another way to go about it is to go about being a bounty hunter. Sometimes there will be rewards put out on peoples head. But keep in mind the laws of the area you are in, and the people who made the contract.

I think Myhrrn's suggestion to join the T'zai Byn is a good one. Don't join up and tell everyone you're trying to become an assassin though, that could get you strange looks. These things take subtly. But something you CAN do is hint to your leaders that you're more adept at certain kinds of skills, and they can sometimes help you out by either finding you a mentor, or letting you train in certain ways that's different from the normal routine.

Also, just because you're an assassin class, doesn't mean you have to have an assassin profession.

Hm, the idea of becoming a bounty hunter sounds neat, but it's most likely that I simply join a clan since it'll probably be much simpler.

Step 1) act like a badass
Step 2) get on the wrong side of the law
Step 3) hang out in unsavory places
Step 4) pretend you've already done the sort of unsavory things you want to do
Step 5) make some unsavory friends
Step 6) put out some feelers with said unsavory friends, asking around about unsavory things
Step 7) have your unsavory friends help you do unsavory things

All that aside, it seems like you've confused your GUILD with your character. A guild is really nothing more than a collection of skills and talents a person has. Dont get hung up on the word, "assassin" - because thats all it really is, depending on where you want to go with your PC, just a word to classify a certain set of skills. Assassins aren't all automatically assassins. Merchants aren't all automatically merchants. Thats a pretty narrow way of looking at things, yah? As far as getting hired by actual clans go like the Byn, dont sweat it. Its a pretty OOC process generally speaking, as clans facilitate the majority of the roleplay in the gameworld. As long as your PC meets the bare minimum requirements of what is expected to join, it shouldnt be a problem.

Oh, I understood that, but I assume that the skills given are mostly for that purpose, maybe I'll somehow find an innventive way of using my skills besides what has been put in front of me, we shall see.

(anyways, welcome to Arm!  And can I haz your boots)
i love being a nobles health points

You can pretty much get away with taking almost any job IG regardless of your useful you would be at said job is another thing, but you can actually have an awesome, highly successful character that barely ever uses any of their main skills. Your character can also do multiple things over the course of their life, have different jobs, allegiances etc.

But if you do want to hone those combat skills, the Byn is probably one of the better places to start. I've never really had much luck with the assassin guild however, personally I think it's one of the more challenging!
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Like the rest said a guild is just a collection of skills you have. It does not indicate profession. Also depending on your subguild your PC could be quite sought after as a house guard for instance. See what's available and then go for whatever option suits your PC the best. Remember you should be thinking as your PC by the biography you originally created so make sure how you act follows that. Unless you have some significant change that would change that.

Welcome to Arm!
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