Required WISHes?

Started by Harmless, July 08, 2013, 03:35:23 PM

Hello all,

I am really curious about a few things on the policy on requiring PCs to wish up at times.

In particular, what steps can we take to ensure that we are complying with these policies in scenarios where we forget to >wish up. For instance, I have heard that "change objective" can help; there is also the review command (I've never used this, nor have I ever been asked to).

I would also appreciate it if someone can assist me in giving a basic list of situations that require a >wish all (...). I understand if specifics can't be used for "find out IC" reasons.

Useful tips: Commands |  |Storytelling:  1  2 covers this:

QuoteWishes can also be used to alert staff when you are about to do
something that the virtual populace might notice and react to
, such as
attacking someone in a crowded tavern or walking into town with visible
magic effects going.  Please remember that staff can't be everywhere, all
the time, but we will try and help interact.  Also don't take the fact
that staff haven't responded as permission to do whatever you are about
to do.  Be conscious of the virtual world and how it would react.
  If you
don't get a response from a wish, please submit a Character Report so
that staff can respond.

   When situations arise that may result in your character killing another
player character, staff ask that you take the time to wish up.  A quick wish
along the lines of 'About to kill Amos' is all that is needed.  This gives
staff the ability to observe the situation. We understand that there may be
times where wishing up prior just isn't possible.


QuoteAs mentioned above, wishes should be TO THE POINT. Do not wish things
such as, 'Is anyone around?' or 'Is Kelvik on?' or 'Is my clan staff around?'
or 'I have a bug.' If you have a bug, then use the bug command to say what it
is, don't just wish that you have found a bug.  If it requires a wish
at all, wish up to tell us what you need, not that you need us.

  If you are wishing up requesting something to do with where you are
standing, please wait at least a couple of minutes before walking away.

It's frustrating to staff members to have to chase your character along
the streets.

If you want a basic list of situations that require a wish all, there's not really one.  You can use your best judgment based on the general guidelines spelled out in the helpfile.  If you're about to do something that would have some effect on the virtual world, you probably should wish up.  The more that you feel the virtual world is/should be/ought to be affected by what you are doing, the more likely it is that you should wish up in advance of doing so (and also secure a response).
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With appropriate roleplay of course.

It's also always best to send in a request before attempting to do anything that would probably illicit a large response from the virtual world (like trying to assassinate an NPC templar or trying to sneak into a noble's estate).