Atlantis Mud Client

Started by jason.davis.p, June 27, 2013, 06:39:57 PM

Hello all.
I am trying to use the Atlantis client to play, and want it to display the hp/##/stun points etc. at the bottom like the normal armageddon client does. Anyone know how to do it?

Please and thanks.

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Are you talking about the regular prompt that the mud gives you and not the infobar?

If so you can use the prompt command to set it up, you can type 'help prompt' to get a list of values.

Prompt                                                         (OOC Commands)

  This command, when supplied with variable parameters, will display
information about your character every time any command (including a 'null'
command when you press RETURN) is issued.
  The available parameters for prompt are:

     %h   current health                %H   maximum health
     %m   current mana                  %M   maximum mana
     %v   current stamina               %V   maximum stamina
     %t   current stun                  %T   maximum stun
     %l   long description status       %L   your long description
     %n   your name                     %i   your invisibility status
     %s   your current position         %S   verbose position info
     %f   your flying status            %o   the language you're speaking
     %a   your accent                   %k   what you're riding
     %w   how fast you're walking       %A   if you are armed or not
     %O   your current mood             %e   current time, if available
     %E   your encumbrance level        %d   current weekday, if available

  These parameters can be mixed with any normal text that you wish. For
instance, the command "prompt %hhp> " would produce a prompt such as
"14hp> ". You can also use "\n" to skip to a new line.

  All characters start with a default prompt.  You can return to this prompt
by using the 'prompt default' syntax.
  prompt <message and parameters>
prompt default

  > prompt %h/%H;%v/%V>

For example:

> prompt %hhp/%vmv/%tst will display


You can also add any other characters in there such as [ ] < > etc.

Here's an example of the prompt I use, it's pretty simple.

prompt < %hhp %mmv %tst > (add a space behind the >)

< 90hp 130mv 110st >

If I'm playing a mage I'll add mana, invis/flight/etc stuff in there too but I'm very simple.

Also, make sure that when you set up the world in Atlantis, you chose MUD and not MUSH or it will give you a lot of problems.

Thanks for the response. I once knew about prompt and I appreciate you showing it to me.

I guess what I am asking is to make it so that when I am using Atlantis, logged in armageddon, I want to to display the prompt when I push enter, with nothing typed in. It does this in the normal armageddon client, i also logged into some random MUD and it did it for me there, but not in Armageddon. When I push enter it stays blank. After finally doing an actual command (like look) it shows the prompt however many times I pressed enter and then what responds to the command for look.

Hopefully that made sense.

Thanks for the help!

It sounds like a setting isn't enabled for the world to send blank lines. Let me look at my config file when I can and I will see if I can find out where that is. I use Atlantis and my client does what you describe so I know it is possible.

I don't see any specific line settings, the only thing I can figure is that you don't have it selected as a MUD on the first page of the address book settings.

I had it as a MUSH not a MUD. Thanks for your help!

That'll do it! Welcome to Armageddon!