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Started by Zul, June 10, 2013, 03:25:02 AM

Any interest in resurrecting this:
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Interest in resurrecting that page?  Not really, it is on a different site and I would not expect that to be around (we do not control anymore) in the future.  We have this submissions forum for that purpose.

Interest in resurrecting those projects?  Well, that particular page was created in 2003; let's see what has changed since then.

Backgrounds for Red Storm NPCs -- Red Storm NPCs have backgrounds now.  Red Storm also has a host of other changes (it supports bulk spice sales, it has a generic water seller, they no longer kill you when you use that really old "consider" command)

Rumors for innkeepers and bartenders -- We do have rumors on these, though it is a bit of a cumbersome system to track.  Changes to IC "boards" would probably include a look at this (this is currently on our plate).

Information on some of the shadier organizations in Old Tuluk before the destruction (like the Society of the Vault) -- information was collected about a decade ago; if we need more, we'll ask!

Northern NPCs of any type -- we have plenty right now, and we have built more since then!

If you ran a noble and feel some of their history would be passed down as part of the house history, please email it to me.  -- If requested, you can definitely submit this still via the request tool.  I don't think there's a need for it right now, but there might be in the future.

Tattoos are always welcome.  -- Not really true anymore.  There's a plethora of them in-game as well as a custom tattooist that will put together an assortment of words to create your tattoo.

Suggestions for animation scripts, or additions to existing ones -- Not currently looking for this.

Mercenary NPCs of any race -- these were built.

Submissions for various books which can be found in the libraries around Zalanthas. Basically, stuff for Nobles and Templars to use their reading skills on -- there's a lot out there, we could use more, but there's not currently a call for it apart from having PCs create it in-game.  This would also tie into the IC boards review.

Some Allanaki and southern-themed furniture  -- this was built.
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