Common Zalanthan Terms and Slang

Started by williamson, May 31, 2013, 03:43:53 PM

Here are a few definitions of common zalanthan terms and slang for new players.

Skinny = elf

Long-neck = elf

Breed = half-elf

Stump = dwarf

small = 100 coins

large = 1000 coins

Sweet = a type of spice

kanking = sex

grebbing = foraging

Labyrinth = the northern section of Allanak known for its lawless, poverty-stricken, maze-like alleys

'rinthi = someone from the Labyrinth

In His Shadow = a way to say good-bye in Allanak while suggesting a loyalty to the Highlord (generally unwise to say in Tuluk)

In His Radiance = a way to say good-bye in Tuluk while suggesting a loyalty to the Sun King (generally unwise to say in Allanak)

In His Light = similiar to "In His Radiance"

Smooth sands = tribal/traveller term used in place of good-bye

Shade = good bye

Ivory Pit = Tuluk

Black Pit = Allanak

Pah = allundean term for the tablelands

Krath = 1) the sun 2) an angry swear or curse

Clawfoot = gith

Roundear = human

Sharp = elf
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