Any Scripts for Visual Help?

Started by Wroat, March 17, 2013, 07:55:10 AM

The full-on single color was appalling. Are there any scripts for color/userbar/map? I tried looking around, but it doesn't seem to be compiled. Any free client is fine.

You use a mac or PC? If you use a mac theirs some helpful plugins ppl have made for the Atlantis Client which you can find on their forums. I'm sure theirs ppl though much more savvy than I am about this stuff.
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For MUSHclient,42747.0.html,44134.0.html

Are just two examples that were at the top of the search results. I'm sure there are more hidden deeply on the forums. The above two focus on two different things. Also, with MUSHclient it's very easy to set words you want highlighted: just right click the word in the client and you can assign a color to it.

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You could always just change your game prompt:

>prompt <%a %o / %k / %E / %e> \\n<H: %h/%H (%A) | S: %t/%T (%s) | M: %v/%V (%w)> \\n

Which displays as:
<southern sirihish / riding: none / light / late afternoon>
<H:112/112 (unarmed) | S:93/96 (standing) | V:121/124 (walking)>

I also have it aliased so that I can change it on the fly when I get IG with a new PC... and highlight triggers for each of the lines so it makes a good blocked off text when I move or do something and makes it not all run together. The extra empty line under it all is so that I can tell lag, because it usually drops off until all the lag pushes through.

I just figure that this is everything that my PC would know about themselves and the environment around them. I have a few other versions depending on guild/subguild, but I won't post those, looking at the help file would show you what I change pretty easily.

Here's the help file on "Prompt":

And then there's Agent_137's thread for MushClient if you are so inclined...,34979.0.html
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Thanks! :)

Also, if anyone else has any other suggestions, I have a PC.

I don't use mushclient, but I do use TinTin++ and can provide literally pages worth of examples of aliases, highlights, triggers, and substitutions on demand if you wanted to give that client a try.

There is a version of it someone made with the .NET framework years ago called that you could try as well, which gives you a friendly windows style appearance with a separate text bar. Unfortunately, it is unsupported and may not install correctly on a modern PC.

Anyone who needs help with either of these clients can private message me. I am likely to be the most knowledgeable Arma player around right now for those two clients because I never see anyone else here lovin it as much as I do.
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I have some highlights for mudlet but not many. You get used to the monochrome after a few years. ;)
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