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ArmageddonMUD General FAQ
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This post has been the result of collaboration with players and staff to cover some of the most frequently asked questions over the years.  Originally created in 2005, it has since been updated with more recent information.  Should you notice a broken link or notice issues with this post, please submit a request so that staff can review it.

Working with the Staff

  • Question: I have a question for the staff, what is the best way to contact them?
    Answer: Whenever you have questions about a possible bug, typo, PC skills, a specific event, PC submit a request using the request tool.  If it is a general question, then you can do either, though if everyone can benefit by reading it you should probably post the question in Ask the Staff.

  • Question: I submitted a new PC but it hasn't been approved after X hours.  OMG!  What should I do?
    Answer: If it has been under 24 hours, chill out.  If it has been over 24 hours, chill out, but also consider that in order for your application to be submitted you must fully log out from the character generation process.  If you quit out from the game by closing your mud client your app might be stuck.  File a request if it has been over 48 hours.

  • Question: How come nobody on staff is ever logged on?
    Answer: There is almost always someone on staff logged in, but the 'who' command won't reveal that except in the rare case when a staff member becomes visible.

  • Question: Why aren't my wish requests being answered by the staff?
    Answer: Depends.  Are you using precise wording, using descriptive terms for items, NPCs or PCs involved, or are you wishing up about 'this guy' or 'the room I was just in.'  One thing to be aware of is that not all staff members are able to directly reply to wishes, but if a wish request is worded clearly and in such a way that it is answerable by an NPC then you will see more luck in getting your wishes answered.  A good rule of thumb is to not wish up about the same thing more than once every 10-15 minutes.

  • Question: I submitted my special application three days ago, but no response, what should I do?
    Answer: Chill.  Special applications are very low priority taking weeks at times.  It will be processed when we get to it.

  • Question: Can I play something else while I'm waiting for my special application to go through?  
    Answer: Yes.

  • Question: My special application got approved, but I'm playing a PC right now, what should I do?
    Answer: Keep playing your PC unless you have a strong desire to retire.  The staff has never said that an approved application has some sort of time limit before you have to apply again.  In other words, it'll be waiting for you.

  • Question: Can you ever see the notes the staff keeps about my PC and/or account?
    Answer: Submit an Account Notes request through the request tool.

  • Question: How do I see how much karma I've accrued?
    Answer: You can submit an Account Notes request through the request tool.

  • Question: I lost stuff in a crash, what should I do?
    Answer: Compile a list, substituting coin value for lost items whenever possible and submit a reimbursement request through the request tool.  Change your objective to something that indicates you are waiting for item reimbursement.  When the items are reimbursed don't forget to change your PC's objective.

  • Question: I thought of a really cool item/mob/NPC/ the game should have, who should I do?  
    Answer: First make sure if it is something the staff is looking for, by browsing to the Submissions forum on the General Discussion Board.  If so, follow the instructions found here to submit it.  Additionally, you're welcome to idea something for an existing item, i.e. "idea belt This should be craftable from a handful of seaweed and a length of rope." rather than emailing it in.

  • Question: What about this cool spell idea I thought up?  
    Answer: Use the idea command in-game.

  • Question: I've got an idea for a whole new section or clan of the mud, what should I do?  
    Answer: Submit a clan related question request through the request tool.


  • Question: Do skills get bad if you stop using them?
    Answer: No.  Often people think something is wrong with their skills when an NPC race their PC has killed before is suddenly tough.  ICly it should be assumed that not all Tembo are created equal because it is this way in the code as well.  NPCs are generated with some randomness to stats and NPC skills also do increase over time between reboots.  If you are truly convinced something is up, email and include your account and PC name.

  • Question: I want to play a race or guild that isn't on my list, what should I do?  
    Answer: Go herefor basic details on special applications.  Go here for basic details on extended subguilds.  If you are interested in skill bumps at character generation, please see this thread.

  • Question: I got a magicker character in Allanak, how do I get a gem?
    Answer:  If your PC would have already been gemmed, when you point to Allanak, be sure to then "point 7" in order to obtain an elementalist gem automatically.  If your PC has not manifested yet, find a templar PC and ask once you have manifested.  If one is not available find a templar NPC and wish up to talk with them.  Don't forget to change your ldesc to show you are standing by the templar and to actually interact with the NPC before wishing up.  Wait at least a few minutes before assuming your wish hasn't been heard.

  • Question: How do I see what my keywords are?
    Answer: Connect to the mud, but do not hit 'E' to enter the world, hit 'S' to see the stats of your character, which will list keywords.

  • Question: What is 'the consent rule'?
    Answer: This page should answer your questions.

  • Question: What's a VNPC?
    Answer: Virtual non-player character.  Zalanthas is comprised of well over a million sentient beings but there are only so many thousand NPCs.  VNPCs are the people that 'inhabit' a room that's description shows it is inhabited.  Just because there are no NPCs in a room don't assume you can do whatever you want without fear of the law.  Pay attention to room descriptions and the VNPCs they may or may not indicate being present.

  • Question: Help, I can't tell the difference between NPCs and PCs!
    Answer: Because NPC and PC descriptions are all written by people and not stock, it will always be hard to tell NPCs from PCs until you get used to the mud.  Don't assume that a character not responding to you that you just saw do something is a player who isn't being nice.  Players have no way of automatically knowing that another PC is played by someone new to the mud and, because of the inventive scripts in the world, sometimes that character you just saw doing something is actually an NPC.  Generally, though, the people doing the talking and moving around are PCs.

  • Question: How come my base stamina changes from time to time?  Is this a bug with my PC?
    Answer: Most often this is the result of putting on or taking off clothing that has some stamina benefits.  Other in-game factors could be taking effect as well.  Try to notice if specific activities correspond to fluctuations in your base stamina.

  • Question: Oh no, my character application got rejected!
    Answer: Happens to all of us, pay attention to the reasoning provided in the rejected notice, address the concerns and resubmit.  Don't let it get you down, the high attention to detail is one of the things that makes this mud great.
  • Question: I can't find a Nenyuki to rent a house, what should I do?
    Answer: Automated housing (apartment rental) is available in the game; ask around to see if that's available to you.

    Technical Questions

    • Question: I'm having troubles connecting to the game, what should I do?  
      Answer: Start here.

    • Question: I went to the connection troubleshooting page and found out that I can't connect from behind my school/home firewall.  What's to be done?
      Answer: is a free service that may help you.

    • Question: What's a good mud client?
      Answer: All different sorts of answers to this one.  A lot of people like ZMUD or Mushclient for Windows PCs.  Tinyfugue works across multiple platforms including unix OSes.  Many Mac users use Savitar or Atlantis.  (Searching for these clients on a web search engine should net you the best results in finding where to download them.)

    • Question: I can't see text when I type!
      Answer: You need to turn on 'Local echo', check the preferences for your telnet/mud client or, even better, download a better client.

    • Question: I'm trying to write up or submit an application and every time I type a certain character or combination of characters my connection to the mud dies.  Help!
      Answer: Check your mud client's special character settings and play with disabling them, especially any special character settings for '~'.

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