Original Submissions and Character Art Policy Update

Started by Hishn, September 27, 2012, 02:11:38 AM

For some time now we, as staff, have discussed the use of character art being posted on the GDB. As you have noticed, the What Does Your Character Look Like thread has been removed. Clan Forums where character portraits or likenesses have been used have also been removed. Going forward, there will be no exceptions to the updated policies on character portraits. Please read the following:

Character Picture Posting Policy

Original Submissions
Original submissions mean just that; art, pictures and other media created by the player, for the player, or permitted by the creator to be used by the player for their character. Art media pertaining to a living character or currently played character will not be approved until after said character's demise or storage. When the art media is approved, the player has permission to post accordingly on the GDB under Character Portraits. They can post with their normal handle, a pseudonym account or have the artist post their piece for them. If art media is used not created by the player nor submitted by the creator, the submission must have some form of legal right for its use by the creator and the creator's website, email and or name needs to be included in the synopsis of the piece for due credit.

Original submissions are not for works in progress, non-Zalanthan pieces, unpermitted works or media, and need to follow the copyright laws and mandates.

Character Portraits on the GDB
Character Portraits are not for currently-living or played PCs, there are no exceptions. Character Portraits are not to be used to post other people's art or media that have not been approved on Original Submissions. All art and media posted here or linked here needs to follow the same rules as Original Submissions. Character Portraits are not for works-in-progress or critiquing. The usual rules and conduct of behavior on the GDB of no trolling and no flaming or derailing continues in the Character Portraits thread. Works in progress should be placed in an appropriate Non-Armageddon thread and should again not be a currently played or living character.   

Please understand this was not due to any one player or any particular post made. There are no exceptions to IC being used on the GDB. Helpfiles for Original Submissions and Character Art are in the process of being made available.
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