Appearance over the way.

Started by Fedaykin, October 13, 2002, 12:58:06 AM

I remember on the old GDB the topic of appearances over the way (due to the sdescs being shown) was brought up.  I believe an immortal did say that you do get a mental image of the person you are in contact with.

I was hoping maybe a staff member might have more to say on the issue.  Do you just get an impression of them, do you see them fully, is it just a floating head, etc.?

Also, how appropriate does the staff feel it is to send images over the way?
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<Miee> The Helper Death Commando is right.

This is by no means an authoritative response.

I think that someone skilled with the way could legitimately send images with some amount of effort. It would be simpler if the image is something familiar or that they always send over the way.

As for the other question, I don't really have a strong opinion on it. I would be hesitant to know exactly what someone looks like just because I contacted them over the Way. On the other hand, I would hesitate to contact someone over the Way who I had not met, because I think the Way is theoretically designed to work better when you are more familiar with the person. This is my personal preference.