Author Topic: "Read the docs!" OR Ultimate Newbie help!!  (Read 2294 times)

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"Read the docs!" OR Ultimate Newbie help!!
« on: August 18, 2003, 11:09:40 AM »
“Read the docs” is a typical answer given to many questions new players have.  We all realize sometimes its hard to find the information a new player is looking for, we have all been there, but it is true… many questions can be answered in the docs (written information) provided.  Arm is a lot like the game of chess... people don't expect beginners to know everything, but they do expect beginners to be familiar with the basic rules and understanding of the game.  :D

 :D Ok, I’ve gone through the docs and picked out some of the major ones to help people with new characters.  I know the list looks super long  it really is easy reading and doesn’t take long.  BUT its all just easy, glance at, reading and ALL of it not taking more than 30 minutes tops.

Know how the game will "look" as it's being played  some great examples of exellent role-play
(solo play)

Understanding location:
Read "citizenship" in helpfiles
Read "maps" in helpfiles

Know your culture:
Read "wanted" in helpfiles
Read "citizenship" in helpfiles (Remember, your background should reflect where you have lived your entire life.  Perhaps you have come back after a long trip, perhaps you have stayed in your own house or little area without seeing the rest of the city, perhaps you were sick, perhaps your family traveled around the small camps, villiges just outside the gates... these would be good IC reasons you don't know your way around even when you are a citizen of the city.)

Create your character: (GETTING STARTED)
Read "guilds" in helpfile section.  (a guild is how the
game knows which skills to give your character. This means a guild is
NOT, dosen't have to be, your character's occupation. A character with an assassin guild could be a friendly, law-abiding, person... who happens to have the skills associated with an assassin.)
Read "creating a character" under Introduction (Think about the world your character has lived in.  No one in game is "a 10"... the world is too harsh, but depending on your background a merchent's son will look a lot different than a poor beggar.)
Read "walkthrough" under Introduction (keep it beside you when you are creating your character)
Read about "clothing, nobles, tattoos, races, and slaves" in the General Information section
Read "magick" in helpfiles

Understand "twinking" and "stupid newbie"
Read "powergaming and roleplaying" in helpfiles  (This is what players expect from you!)
Read "wanted" in helpfiles (*HINT* if you find yourself wanted, are going to commit a crime, and you do not wish to die, turn ON your nosave!!! This way the NPC guards will not attack and kill you for not surendering.)
Read "Safe Rooms" in helpfiles ( YOU MUST QUIT when you stop playing!!)
Read "Roleplaying on Armageddon" (main screen)  (HELPFUL HINTS!!)
Read "review" in the helpfiles.   A review may take a while, but it is an excellent way to get feedback.  You could also simply put something like "I'm new, any advice would be helpful" as your objective.  (HELPFUL PEOPLE!!)
******* :!:  :!:  OOC questions in game are allowed, that's why there is an OOC command.  You should however try to keep it short (longer questions take to the GDB or email the account/clan Imm) and try to use the whisper or talk command if your OOC comment is just for one person or group.******

And just a bit of advice... many people keep records.  You will prob. want to keep a record of names of the people you meet.  (ex:  The yellow painted man - Gwon, aide to Oash)  As your starting out you could also try to keep your own map and a list of the basic syntax or commands  (I'd include: assess, balance, withdraw, deposit, barter, look, view, leave, enter,
look board (this is an ooc funtion, there is no "board" posted on the
wall.  Many role-play picking up on information there as talk that is
being picked up around town), break, junk, buy, emote, pem, pemote,
climb, close, open, contact, psi, craft, roll, deal, dart, drink, sip,
eat, taste, ep, es, examine, exit, fill, follow, get, hood, follow,
inventory (i or inv), use, hold, ooc, rent, offer, run/walk/sneak,
say, scan, whisper, shout, score, stat, sheath, put, drop, sit, sleep,
clean, offer, skills, talior, talk, take, throw, wear locations, save,
nosave, wanted, who, time, weather, wish)
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"Read the docs!" OR Ultimate Newbie help!!
« Reply #1 on: August 18, 2003, 11:23:29 AM »
Poor 2-Sids, they're so cute aren't they?

I don't have the same energy she does to go through all those help files and dig up the ones she meant to include, but I wanted to say KUDOS to 2-Sids for including what she did already.

I'll add that just going to the index of the helpfiles alone is a HUGE help, because it has a search engine built right in with links to related topics. I'll also add that I agree 100% - newbies need to be guided sometimes. Sometimes they fit right in, but usually they need help with things like the emoting system, the "what your character knows" stuff, how society treats its commoners and nobles, what the heck the Labyrinth IS and why people always mention it in whispers and hushed tones..

Having the web browser open while you're playing is great help, because you don't have to watch an in-game help file scroll up - and off - your screen while you're trying to figure out what it means to be standing in front of a black-robed templar.

I also suggest that new players poke around the game for an hour or two, just watching, moving from one place to another, reading room descriptions, trying -not- to interact too much with people if it can be helped..

And then finding a "quit-safe" room, logging off, and going back to the website and pouring over the help files to try and answer any questions or concerns you've come up with during that hour.

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"Read the docs!" OR Ultimate Newbie help!!
« Reply #2 on: August 18, 2003, 12:19:09 PM »
I rewrote it... the links actually work or I've said where to find the information.
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"Read the docs!" OR Ultimate Newbie help!!
« Reply #3 on: August 19, 2003, 05:13:34 AM »
I think you just kept records of our PMs and posted what I told you to read!

But as a student you've done well...

My contributing to the MUD involves bringing in people that contribute to the MUD. I'll be working on more later.

Creeper thinks, "Job well done."
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"Read the docs!" OR Ultimate Newbie help!!
« Reply #4 on: August 27, 2003, 07:56:19 AM »
Wow, humble Creeper took the time to respond to my post.   W00t!
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