Failure of a Dwarven Focus

Started by A Large Bag, June 27, 2012, 06:19:04 PM

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The documentation states basically that a dwarf will give no more thought to a completed focus as they are on to their new focus. It doesn't address, at least that I can find, how a dwarf treats an obviously failed focus. Would it be correct to assume that they would give a failed focus no more thought than a completed one, and for the same reasoning? Or would they be severely traumatized by it?

I think that a dwarf can probably do mental gymnastics that would astound the average person.  If their focus is to protect the interests of House Amos and House Amos gets utterly destroyed, the dwarf may choose to continue to protect those interests since they remain, at least.  They may also decide that it was in the best interests of House Amos for House Amos to be utterly destroyed, because otherwise they would be subservient to a conquering House, and that is very much against their interests.  Now time for a new focus.

I think that it's interesting to consider a traumatized dwarf, but if:

a dwarf is never without a focus, even if the focus is to find a focus
a dwarf will never abandon their focus for as long as they live (or until it is completed, at which point they find a new focus that is more difficult)

then abject failure may be considered completion of a focus in the above example.  I think that the mental gymnastics HAVE to happen for a dwarf to not be traumatized by a completely failed focus.  Is there any way to cast that seeming failure in a "completed" light?  If so, it is considered that way, and the dwarf moves on.  Is there any way to continue the focus in some warped fashion?  If so, it is considered that way, and the dwarf moves on.

I think one could maybe play a traumatized dwarf but they'd have to have a focus, and it'd have to be their drive--if so, why would they be traumatized?  It's unrelated to their focus unless their focus is to be traumatized by their failed focus for a period of x time, after which they must get a new focus.

This is just my opinion, though.  I've never played a dwarf.  I've never played an elf, either.  I did play a mul.  That was fun.
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