Tony's Weapon Flag Question

Started by , August 11, 2003, 05:34:45 PM

As I said in the other thread, I have another question, but it has to do more with weapons in general and not handedness.

Do different types of weapons have different... hmm, I'll call it strength requirements? For instance, just to use a system like say... Diablo. A sword might require 34 strength, whereas an axe of similar weight might require 45 strength. I would imagine this was for (other than code-balance issues) representing the difference in strength needed to swing the thing. An axe (or hammer) and sword of equal weight may be easier or harder to swing with the same strength. So the question is, is the ability to es, ep and etwo based solely on strength, flags aside? Or does it depend on weapon type and strength?

I apologize if this question or its answers might get into game mechanics, if so, please delete.

Extremely heavy weapons require extreme strength to weild.  This isn't particularly OOC info, in my opinion, since all you need to do to verify it is wander around looking at some of the half-giant soldiers in the game.