[Skill bumps] What qualifies as a weapon skill?

Started by number13, February 16, 2012, 08:48:31 AM

There's a limit of two bumps on the weapon skills.  Obviously, the actual literal weapon skills are included in this restriction: Slashing, Blunt, Two-handed, etc. Apparently sap and presumably backstab fall under this criteria as well. 

What about the defensive skills? (parry, in particular)  Or the the auxiliary combat skills? (disarm, kick, bash, rescue)?

I don't think anyone would try to bump these, for simple fact that it's pointless, but are spells with primarily combat applications excluded from receiving three bumps?

Also: is it 'legal' to split three points between two or three combat skills?  For example, could one request two bumps to Blunt, and one bump to Dual-wielding?

Actually, weapons skills are weapons skills on your skill list--the skills that determine how good you are with x type of weapon.  For the purposes of skill bumps, backstab and sap probably do fall under this same category (iirc).

Defensive skills, disarm, kick, bash, and rescue, two-handed, dual-wielding, and spells are not weapons skills, so they would not be limited to the same restrictions at this point in time.
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