Started by 5 day lifespan, August 07, 2003, 11:41:54 AM

Ive got a Review question:

Do the comments made using review get attached to your account, or do they get emailed to you?  Im asking because Ive had review up for several monthes now, but havent gotten anything.  Then I realised that my Email address was different from when I started my account.  So, now thats fixed, have the Imms gotten so frustrated from getting "Unknown address" returns that they may have stopped, or is it all attached to my account, awaiting my glorious 1 Karma with which I shall rule the world?

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Comments from the 'review' flag usually come in the form of mudmail, viewable only from your account.  You'll see something like "You have mudmail" when you try to log in, then you go to the mail menu, list your messages (all as per the menu options) and will see "You have mail from: Comments".  You can then "s comments" or "r comments" to read what was sent to you.

It's designed for short comments only, and is the most convenient way for staff to send a quick message to you without interrupting your roleplay.  If it's something more complex we will usually look up your email address (which takes more digging around) and send you an email, which is also much easier to reply to.

People with the review flag on don't always get timely comments.  There's simply a lot of people to feed back to and most of us are caught up with watching our own clans -- it happens, but not as often as anyone would like.  Hopefully this will continue to improve.

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