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Started by *hidden*, August 06, 2003, 10:22:55 AM

Hmm.. I know, not too many people are used to rent houses for their usual characters, but I tried to with this char, for more than a RL week...
IC'ly I tried to find the PC who's responsible for the rentals... I mailed the Nenyuk Imm two times. They both seem absent.
And now I give up. I give up because you may rent an apartment for a year, which's more than 40 RL days, but then... How am I supposed to find the Nenyuki agent to pay my rent? Again wandering around looking for her for a RL week?
Could you please hint me an easier way like depositing the rent to the bank for Nenyuk or such a thing which I can do while the responsible PC is not online? And pleeze! Let someone help with the initial renting, too.

Note: I logged out before typing the message. I know you can't find me, but I can PM you :)

An IC year is usually concerned 3 RL weeks (21 days). If the Nenyuki imm is absent and the Nenyuki agent as well then rent is kind've delayed for a little bit (but I would expect that they'd expect you to be able to pay for it when they get back), kind of like a little period of leeway to get your affairs in order and get all the cash together.

If you haven't received a reply from Kurano, you might want to try e-mailing the MUD, they may be able to help you if he's been detained.
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QuoteThere are 21 weeks (231 days) per month, three months (63 weeks or 693 days) per year, and 77 years per King's Age.

Every day is nine hours and every hour is 10mins IRL. So...

693*9*10=62370 mins IRL is one year IG..
62370/60/24=43.3125 RL days equals a year IG.. :) Just to check...

You forgot to factor in crashes, reboots, and Saturday Down Times, which skip time ahead in Zalanthas. So yes, it generally does come out to be 21 days.
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Yeah, the typical concensus for what an IC 'year' is, is three RL weeks. This makes it easy, since one IC month roughly equals one RL week.

1) If you can't find any clan member In-game, email the clan immortal and CC: mud@ginka.armageddon.org, and inquire as to possible solutions.

2) Don't rely on private messaging on the GDB to speak to an immortal. Its really cumbersome for us to use, and it doesn't have the nifty ability of being able to CC the mud account. All immortals have a <name>@ginka.armageddon.org email adress, so it should be pretty easy to find. If you're unsure who the immortal you need to talk to is, simply email your question to the Mud, and ask it to be forwarded to the person in charge.

The Nenyuk clan was started oocly to make it easier for people to rent houses.  Before, you had to e-mail the mud account and your character had to be over 20 days old or something, and it was a big pain.  It was basically impossible for most people to have houses.  Having a Nenyuk agent rent out houses makes it much easier, and now basically anyone can get a house (not -everyone- at once, but anyone can ask to see if there are any available).

But, if the Nenyuk agent is on vacation irl, or is just taking a break from Arm for a while, you're out of luck.  That's just the way it goes, try to find the Nenyuk agent in a rl week or so.

And, don't worry about how you're going to pay rent, heh.  That's for Nenyuk to worry about.   :)