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Started by Guest, August 05, 2003, 03:20:50 PM

I'm aware that certain staff members are busy and/or away on vacation.

I know of a few people, myself included, that emailed a certain staff member and have yet to get a response in nearly a month now.

The staff member is Naephet.   Did the mails go through, is he busy, or is he just away on a vacation?  I haven't read/heard anything of his abesnse.

Maybe the mails just didn't go through....


If you are actually seeking some form of response, it might be helpful to not post anonymously, as that makes it relatively difficult
to establish contact.  Generally, however, if you do not receive a response after a while it is perfectly fine to send a reminder e-mail
or re-send your request.  You should also cc on all correspondence with staff members, as that helps to
keep a record of things, and if you have not been responded to, someone handling account mail can do such.

I think he just wants to know if he is on vacation or retired currently. I might be wrong though
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I posted the previous message.  I indeed cc'd the mail to the mud account.  I even re-sent it because there was an error within some of the information I sent.  This means that it should have been sent twice.

Anyway, thanks for looking into this for me, Zhaira.

::EDIT:: And yes, I'd also like to know if he's retired or anything.  Naephet, that is.  ::EDIT::

All I can say is to be patient and give the staff time to respond.  Naephet and the rest of the staff have RL stuff that take precedence over Arm.  We're not obligated to announce everytime we take a few days off to deal with life - we trust ya'all to be able to keep things on the ball by yourself.  If it's an emergency, CC'ing the mud is the best way to get the staff's attention and help.  It's quite possible that Naephet saw your (the original poster's) email as a low-priority or as one that didn't require a response.

Most of the staff will try and post, though, if we know RL will take more than a few days, for courtesy's sake.

Speaking as an old-timer, I'd go as far as to say that some of you have gotten spoiled. ;) I remember a time when you were lucky if you got an email response in less than two weeks, much less a month.

1) Naephet's not retired and remains available.

2) I don't know the email this refers to, but I do know that many emails *I* recieve don't really appear to require a response.  So often I don't send one.  Other times if an email is cc'd to another specific staff member (not just MUD), we both think the other person is replying, and both promptly forget.  In those cases asking for a reply is generally sufficient, as responses from staff tend to be 'reply all' to other previously included staff as well.  Sometimes we just de-prioritize certain emails or downright forget.

3) If this is specifically referring to a special application request, ensure it's been done in the format for special applications as per -- then also be warned that these tend to get responded to in batches.  I do not know where things stand currently.

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As Savak said, I'm not on vacation, or absent.

People on staff are busy, and have real lives, and this can unfortunately mean some things are overlooked.  I have a limited amount of time each day to go through my email and message boards, which can generate anywhere from 50-100 messages to read a day, if not more.  Higher priority issues get dealt with first, and lower ones second.  This leaves some things overlooked, or simply postponed for long periods of time.  It's unfortunate, and I apologize if anyone has had an email outstanding for a month.

If you are expecting a response from me and have not received one, please drop me a note, and I'll be happy to look into it.

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