Started by ShaLeah, November 10, 2011, 09:56:06 AM

Does staff really play?  I somehow always got the impression that once you go Staff you never go back (to really playing) because you're so busy.
Just curious.
I'm taking an indeterminate break from Armageddon for the foreseeable future and thereby am not available for mudsex.
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I don't actively play (there was a recent thread about this, but I'll go ahead and answer again).  There are many staff members that do have pcs that they play.

Armageddon Staff

I play about 10 hours a week; sometimes more, sometimes less.
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With appropriate roleplay of course.

I have a character. I don't play as much as I otherwise might were I not on staff, but I still enjoy the game on a PC level.

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Armageddon Staff

I play a little as well, but some weeks I simply don't find enough time for it.

I go through spurts of playing, then not playing.  My hours vary and like Welda - sometimes I don't find enough time to log in.
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I put in roughly 10 hours or so a week, sometimes a little more if I have a slow week.