"Why is this a special application?"

Started by brytta.leofa, October 27, 2011, 01:58:49 PM


Quote from: Request ToolRequest Type: Character Related -- Special Application

Your application should contain the following information:

1. Sdesc
2. Description
3. Guild
4. Sub-guild
5. Race
6. Any special skills or abilities beyond what the normal race/guild/sub-guild would provide for.
7. Why this is a special application (please limit this to a paragraph or two)
8. A brief background of the character (please limit this to 3-4 paragraphs). Do NOT write this as a narrative/short story. That is fine when you create the character but it is not what we're looking for when evaluating special applications.

Question: Is #7 simply a summary/recapitulation of "why this can't go through the normal application process?"  (For instance:
- I don't have karmatic access to the Plasma Elementalist guild.
- Warriors don't normally get the Worry skill.
- Climb is a normal racial skill for Mountain characters, but I want a higher cap than is usual.)

I feel like I'm providing a Short Answer to an Essay Question. ;)
The sword is sharp, the spear is long,
The arrow swift, the Gate is strong.
The heart is bold that looks on gold;
The dwarves no more shall suffer wrong.

It may or may not be a re-answer of #7. You might not be asking for any special skills or abilities at all, rather you may be asking for your character to be bigger or smaller than their race would normally be, or you may be asking to use a disallowed or borderline word in an sdesc, or you may be asking to be from a special clan or background, and so on. Not all special applications are of the skills-abilities variety.
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