Allanaki Templar Wanted

Started by Dyrinis, July 24, 2003, 01:03:39 AM

    -Southlands templar wanted.
    -Not for the faint of heart.
    -3+ hrs/day average playtime required.  Playtime and leadership skills valued over emoting/thinking ability.  I will consider apps from people who have bad histories but high playtimes.
    -Water/Earth Mage karma tentatively required.
    -Must be available on weekends to lead quests.
    -If you are unfamiliar with the current state of political affairs in Allanak, don't apply.
    -War Ministry only.  If you don't know what this means, don't apply.
    -I will fire you and mark up your account if you flake out.  This does not mean you can't quit.  This means you can't quit without telling me and providing a good reason.  If I put a lot of time into building your char and you quit because you are "bored with the role", or if you just stop playing, I will be pissed.  This is not a boring role.  This is a role where you get paid huge amounts of money to blow things up with giant fireballs while screaming insane prayers at the top of your lungs.
    -Don't apply if you have a current high-profile role.  If I deem that the game would suffer by you retiring your character I won't accept you.
    -Send applications/inquiries to

Damn! Damn! Damn! I wanted to blow stuff up!!! :P
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Wow. Sounds like you need a lot of qualifications for such a role... A lowly peon like myself could -never- pull it off, even if I was between characters...

With that said... Explosions? Nice! We could always use more explosions and insane prayers down south. I'd like to see some those... So long as they're not directed at me, of course... Heh.
EvilRoeSlade wrote:
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QuoteA staff member sends:
     "You are likely dead."

QuoteI will consider apps from people who have bad histories but high playtimes.

Kinda scary... but gives those people that are awful players, but on alot something to aspire for. ^_^

This is Dyrinis we are talking about dont forget.  The wielder of the dildo-tipped staff.  I'd be scared of being a bad player around him, both for my account notes sake and my RL well being.

All hail the Sodomiser!
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I vote Delerak for this position!
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Dear god no...

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Quote-War Ministry only. If you don't know what this means, don't apply.

The one thing I don't like. Although it might be role specific... if every templar role required knowledge of the Ministries when I'm told over all most everything surrounding them is highly knowledgable...

Or perhaps it just means you need to know that templars are grouped into different sections and one of them is that one?

21sters Unite!

Quote from: "Dyrinis"

    -Southlands templar wanted.
    -Not for the faint of heart.

Curse my faint heart!

The only thing I know about Dyrinis is that I have twice joined "surprise RPTs" he announced on short notice on the GDB (one north, one south).  I don't know if they were his babies or if he just got posting duty, but both of them were a rolicking good time involving massive death and destruction.  Surprisingly, I survived both times. :shock:  Both times involved the death of at least one templar, but I'm sure that won't happen to you.  ;)

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Damnit. I'm still a bit of a newbie....but I -really- want to play a templar eventually.

Only have 1 karma, play way too much (way past three hours a day, which might be a good thing here), barely know the political scene, normally play elves, and am only partially sure what the war min is.

*puts on a puppy face*

PS. I doubt you'd give me the role, but on a side note if I could see some docs which describe templars more in-depth, then I'll be better off when I eventually just special app for one.
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no...a puppy face wit snarls. there we go
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damnit I want it.

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If you want to learn more about templars so that you can play such roles, I would highly suggesting spending some time in the militia.  It doesn't take any karma, and it is one of those roles that has times when everything is happening once in a very good way.  Additionally, you will get some good exposure not just to Templars, but also to nobles in general.  If you really want to get the basics of the Allanak social system under your belt without having to pump out a karma character, militia is the best rout, perhaps second only to being an aid to a templar.  Roles around noble houses might also give you some good experience as well.

The position has been filled.
Everyone who applied was actually qualified, but current char restraints narrowed it down to two candidates; a decision was then reached based on Allanaki experience.  Thanks to all applicants.