Telnet Go-Ahead

Started by Zoan, February 24, 2011, 04:18:54 AM

Hey staffs, rods, saps and clubs.

I'm doing a little coding project and am curious as to whether Armageddon has the telnet-GA (go-ahead) feature. I ask because DIKU muds come standard with it, but it appears that Armageddon seems not to. If it does, is there a toggle for it somewhere hitherto undiscovered by myself? Please advise.
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The DIKU source Armageddon was based on (from about 20 years ago) did not include TELNET_GA handling.  So, we do not send TELNET_GA after a prompt in Arm 1.  Note that this is something we have resolved in Arm 2, and really, it wouldn't be hard to send it after every prompt in Arm 1, we just haven't done it.

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